I work in the intersection of play, social inclusion, and data.

My work often use playfulness, contrast, interaction and data, to present different perspectives, to challenge stereotypes and preconceptions, and open up spaces for nuances. I advocate for storytelling from first person perspective and plural narration. Instead of “design for others”, I design as others.

Personally, I am quirky, queer, playful, logical, and multicultured.

I am open to new opportunities, whether in full-time roles, freelance projects, or collaborations. Feel free to contact me.

2024 "Do you see what i see", V2_, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2024 "Weave", Beeld & Geluid, Hilversum, The Netherlands
2023 "Weave", Microlab, Dutch Design Week 2023, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

2024 Speaker, queer code meetup, Creative Coding Utrecht

2021-2023, Eindhoven University of Technology (the Netherlands) - MSc Industrial Design
2015-2017, The Australian National University (Australia) - BSc Infomation Technology

2023-Present Center for Unusual Collaboration (the Netherlands) - Designer
2023-2023 Eindhoven University of Technology (the Netherlands) - UX Engineer
2022-2022 Design School Kolding (Denmark) - Erasmus+ Internship at Lab for Play and Design
2021-2021 REA Group (Australia) - Associate Product Designer
2018-2021 REA Group (Australia) - UI Developer
2016-2017 Xero (Australia) - Software Developer Intern

2022 finalist, "Nebula", The Interaction Design Association (IxDA)
2022 finalist, "Nebula", The most innovative students of the Netherlands