Do you see what i see

An interactive light installation of different perspectives on neighbourhood heritage

Exhibition at V2\_ Lab for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam
Keywords: generative art, lithophane, neighbourhood, light, data4art
The project collaborates with researcher Lidwine Spoormans, translating the research data into an interactive art installation. The research [Spoormans et al., 2023] focuses on the stakeholder differentiation in evaluating the heritage significance of neighbourhood attributes, helping reduce the knowledge gap on how stakeholders, individuals and groups, convey significance to their living environment, in their similarities and differences.

Through viewing from different lenses, participants immerse themselves in experiencing the changes on neighbourhood scene brought about by different perspectives of stakeholders.

The imaginative neighbourhood are generated by Midjourney, inspired by Lombok, Utrecht. Elements are extracted from the AI-generated images to construct a neighbourhood scene. The illustration then gets turned into a lithophane. The neighbourhood data will be represented by the light intensity and its location.
Neighbourhood scene and each element's attribute representation
Examples of lithophane
Neighbourhood data [Spoormans et al., 2023]

Spoormans, L., Czischke, D., Pereira Roders, A., & de Jonge, W. (2023). “Do I See What You See?”—Differentiation of Stakeholders in Assessing Heritage Significance of Neighbourhood Attributes. Land, 12(3), Article 712.